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Software Highlights

Much like what 3D did to movies, Revcord brings a Rich User Experience (UX) with Version 10. New, improved interactivity and multi-browser support, provides greater ease of use with an engaging user interface.

Revcord has updated the voice logger’s Web Interface (GUI) to a comprehensive Multimedia Logging service. Multimedia logging is focused on both traditional media, such as analog and digital signaling, as well as Next Generation 9-1-1 inputs where all logging is accomplished used SIP with RTP. Additionally, Revcord announces development of the cloud solution that provides even more flexibility and remote access to recordings. This new solution will complement commercial VoIP and Analog telephony systems as it is a hosted solution that uses usb encoders to send signaling to the cloud for access, assessment, and controlled distribution.

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Multimedia Incident Re-creation

Revcord provides true Multimedia Incident Re-creation. A "Playlist" is defined as an index of computer files that can be played sequentially and added or subtracted from the group as desired. However, the Revcord meaning extends that definition to all recording of any media (voice, video, or even text) relating to an incident that can be replayed as if in real time as they occurred. Even more, additional data from third party sources can be added to a playlist as might be relevant. This interface also provides two different views for Playlists. Now the user can listen or view their selected Playlist by toggling between timeline and simple list views.

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Screen Capture

Screen logging can be done for up to four screens per workstation and can be viewed separately or in combination with an incident recreation Playlist. Screen Logging provides two types of configurations. One setting is for "Full Time Logging" (or stealth logging). The alternative is "On Demand Logging" where the call taker or agent can start screen logging when desired. In either case the Screen Logging is a "What You See Is What You Get". If you have multiple monitors going into one workstation all screens will be logged subject to resolution restrictions based on the logging server and the workstation client.

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QA Evaluation & Scoring

Revcord provides an easy to use Quality Assurance solution with at no additional cost. A full featured QA Evaluation component is included in the base price of every Revcord multimedia logger. Quality assurance for call handling will help you identify best methods and also to correct any discrepancies. It also provides a great training tool for improving speed and accuracy. Choosing, creating, or editing score sheets is quick and easy and the Revcord QA Evaluation solution is very easy to learn and use right away.

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Comprehensive Reports Package

A complete reporting suite is included with every Revcord logger. This rich text and graphics tool produces Excel spreadsheets, bar charts, stacked bar charts and even pie charts, driven by SQL Server, that can be sorted, manipulated and even emailed directly from the screen or exported to Crystal Reports. There are separate reports applications: one for general reporting functions and another reporting section for QA Evaluation and all it’s complexities to provide useful information to call handlers, supervisors, and management.

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Version 10 Software Highlights Backup

The look and feel of the backup manager is now similar to the new Revcord theme. In addition, certain functionalities that were not being used have been removed to offer for an easier more efficient software.

Full HTML5 Support

Revcord now provides for 100% HTML5 support. This means that the Revcord Web UI will work on any HTML5 compliant browser. Use your IPAD, your phone, or your computer. Revcord continues to lead with leading edge technology.


Bookmarks Save With Playlists

Bookmarks on calls will be saved when creating playlists.

Dashboard Page

A Dashboard which contains all real-time information providing real-time data of all the major modules of the site. As an example, Today's Total Audio Calls, Videos, Text, Social, Emails and Today Recorded Screens, Active/Inactive Channels, Active Users/Deleted Users, Total Playlists, Exported Playlists, Published/Unpublished QA Forms, QA Evaluations by Status (Schedule, In-Progress, Completed, Closed, Rejected), Shared/Unshared Evaluations, Total Number of Recorders.

DSF Player Upgrade

A light client player that has the ability to access and play DSF files from backed up files with an upgraded look and feel.

Simplification of Multiple Revconfig IP Addresses

In Revconfig, there is now only one location to put the Server IP address.

New Integrations

After a successful Motorola, AIS integration for the New Mexico State Police, Revcord is has successfully deployed a Harris Symphony/Maestro integration for Coral Gables. In addition, Revcord is finishing full integrations for Avtec and Telex.

Save & Load User Searches

Cache search settings are set in the Browser for same session. In addition, Users can save search settings for later use.

SIP Invite Improvements

Auto Correct SIP Invite for all caps issue for entering MAC address.

WebUI Logging Module

All the core operations performed by the User are logged on the server. This logging module contains operational logs which were performed by the User during their session. Reports relative to the User sessions are available in the reports module.

Inquire Integration Integration

Revcord has written the API Integration for Inquire. Now your Revcord systems can also act as your management system for all your Interviewing, Investigating, and Inspecting. Inquire creates interviews, investigations, and incidents using a PC, Android, or IOS Application. Stream events live, record with book marks and notes, and automatically upload to the Revcord Server.

Manage all of your interviews, investigations, and incidents in one location. Watch them live or later search on date, time, case ID, interviewer/investigator, interviewee, book marks, book mark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, perform QA evaluations and run reports on any of the Search indices.

Inquire Is A GREAT Solution For:

  • Insurance Companies - Document Insurance Claims with Centralized Storage
  • Police Departments - Can be Used for Local and Remote Interviews of Investigations by Police Officers In-Car and Detectives as well as Incident Recording for Documenting Officer's Actions.
  • Child Protective Services
  • Marine Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
  • Oil Field Industry - Safety and Compliance Documentation
  • Fire Departments - Used by Fire Arsonist Investigators
  • CSI Investigators - Used by Crime Scene Investigators
  • Inspectors – Any Inspection Type Companies
  • Law Firms - Backup to Depositions

Live Monitor Upgrade

Active Screen Being Recorded

Ability to see Active Screens being recorded while Active calls are going on.

Inquire Live Streams

View live interviews, inspections, and incidents via the Revcord Monitor tab for any licensed Inquire software device.

Popup for Inactivity

Display popup for selected channels upon inactivity. When a selected channel becomes inactive, a popup will be displayed earlier than sending email to the agent. Where user see's alert pop-up on their screen without having to check email.

Quality Assurance Upgrades

Agent login & Evaluation Feedback

Ability to search for completed evaluations by agent and/or evaluator

Agents Drop-Down List On Evaluation Screen

Add all agents to dropdown list for easy viewing of completed evaluations (also for choosing an agent to evaluate)

Edit/Delete Published QA Forms

Grant the ability to edit or delete published QA forms

Email Evaluation

Supervisor can email completed Evaluations to respective agent or any other concerned. When an evaluation is being marked as completed, then the ability to email completed evaluation to respective agent.

Evaluate Screens

Tie video from screen recording or Inquire to evaluation interface

Evaluation Dashboard Drill-Down Graphs

Make Drill down graphs clickable to view detail page forms

Extend Evaluation Search call

Extend search options to allow for Agent/Channel.

Extend QA evaluation search

Ability to search for completed evaluations by agent and/or/any evaluator. Passing the agent name or evaluator name as search parameters will display all the completed evaluations of agent or all the completed evaluations conducted by evaluator.

Import/Export Templates

Ability to import and export templates.

Shortened Steps For Evaluations

Eliminated the redundancies in QA evaluation process.
Eliminated the "Pending" evaluation status.
In addition, instead of going through multiple pages, a single interface has been introduced which displays list of evaluations based on evaluation status "In Progress", "Completed", "Closed" and "Shared".

Run as Service

The Revcord software now has the ability to use a Windows service to start and stop the Revcord application. It will monitor all l the applications and start and stop based on configurations. There is no need to login as a User. The system will record even when a User is not logged in.


RevAgent is a complete upgrade to the previous Revcord Utility Client. RevAgent is a service that resides on the client PC. It provides for a host of services and acts as a liaison between the Revcord server and the client. RevAgent will need to be installed on the individual desktops. It will provide the following functionality:

  • Audio ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
  • Triggered Screen Recording By Area
  • Screen Masking
  • Screen ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
  • Triggered Screen Recording By Mouse
  • Live Streaming
  • Multi-screen Recording (Up To Four)
  • Free Seating By Windows User
  • Full Time Screen Recording
  • Call Commenting While on Call
  • Free Seating By Revcord User
  • Auto Login
  • Full Session Recording Based On Duration


RevRec is the heart of Revcord's cloud introduction. It is the API that connects all the pieces. It acts as an interface that authenticates with Recorder to the cloud and acts as the translator for all video, audio, and data. RevRec uses SSL Integration in its web service with SSL Certification and SHA-256 Encryption/Decryption.

RevShield Software Suite

The RevShield software suite is made up of a server program called RevGuard and a client program called RevWatch. These two software's work hand in hand to monitor your logger as well as to provide secure access that addresses most IT security concerns.


RevGuard is an integrated hardware and software monitoring application that has been handcrafted to monitor your Revcord Voice Logging System components. RevGuard works hand-in-hand with RevWatch. RevWatch is a cloud-based application that manages the alerts and notifications pertaining to the health and status of all systems running RevGuard.


RevWatch is sent signaling that acts as a heartbeat and a report. There is a dashboard that shows a system summary. RevWatch also receives all of the alerts from RevGuard. Please note that RevWatch can also work on closed networks that have no internet ability.

At Revcord, we know security is a leading factor in many IT Departments' decision making. RevGuard was designed and built with keeping Security as a priority. RevGuard does not require any listener sockets or TCP/UDP ports to be created. That means RevGuard is "closed off" to the outside world. In the event of a trigger or alert, an outgoing encrypted signal will be sent via SSL to RevWatch via a User defined outbound port only for base situations. For remote access and support, there are also security protocols in place.

RevGuard alert triggers are also configured locally and are fully customizable. Several aspects can be configured for monitoring: Hard Disk Status, Hard Disk Storage Space, CPU usage, Memory usage, Revcord software processes or stops/crashes, exceptions created by Revcord Processes, Revcord channel activity, and file deletion.

RevGuard notifications/alerts are configured locally, and are fully customizable. There are many different ways in which an alert can be manifested: Email notifications, automatic ticket creation in the Revcord Ticketing System, Remote Assistance Requests, or Taskbar Icon/Balloon messages.


Revcord has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to provide the best in a cloud recording experience.

Cloud Based Recording

Revcord has created an application to work with Raspberry pi2 devices. With this device we can stream not only VoIP but also analog signaling to the cloud. The only piece of hardware needed at the facility is a Raspberry pi2 device that is the size of your phone and usb analog encoders to convert analog signaling. Everything is stored on the cloud and everything is accessed on the cloud. Enjoy all the features and functionality of the Revcord system without all the hardware and storage hassles.


Revcord brings the ultimate backup to our customers. With RevSync and the help of the Raspberry pi2 device, Revcord can provide a redundant real-time copy of your exact multimedia Revcord system. Your system will have an exact copy at all times residing on the cloud.

Role Based Access Rights

The establishment of access rights based on User's roles in the organization. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Permissions will not be assigned directly to user. Users will be managed using their role instead of permissions. Existing user manager uses permissions, which will be eliminated and new role based definitions will be added.

Hot Fixes

  • ANALOG/DIGITAL - ISDN Trunk Line Recording issue's.
  • VoIP Port Mirror - Not triggering recording when SIP comes in TCP Packet.
  • VoIP Port Mirror - Net10 - Not Triggering recording when SIP comes in TCP packet with two type of header sizes (20 and 32).
  • VoIP (SIP TRUNK) - Not triggering recording when MAC address used in recent CUCM versions.
  • VoIP (SIP TRUNK) - Not triggering recording when MAC address is not case sensitive.
  • ANALOG/DIGITAL - CALLERID FIX when the signal is MF.
  • DIGITAL ERICSON Callerid Fix.
  • CallerID Name support for older technology analog and digital lines.
  • ROD VoIP Channels triggering recording issue when using ROD Trigger.
  • RevAgent - VoIP - Silence On Demand issue.
  • IR Full and Lite unknown column name fix.
  • Windows 2012 server related issue - problem with startup process from vsrmsagent service.
  • Revconfig - Ignore Line Voltage - problem when applying config properly for order installed - DST , ATP , ATP.
  • Channel Number datatype issue. Only numbers are allowed but moved to input validation provide fix.
  • Email inactivity alert - configuration issue addressed.
  • Export issue on GUI
  • IR, IRLITE - undefined issue (install kit oriented).
  • Ctimgr Indexing issue due to lost the connection.
  • Ctimgr Indexing issue due to DBFull issue
  • Ctimgr Indexing issue due to corrupted callername.
  • DBSPlitter issue with linked db's.
  • Ctimgr Indexing issue with wrong extension number when there is revagent lost connection with the server and connected again.
  • Skip Silence - Radio Calls - it skips silence even when there is audio left for playback.
  • IR Lite - On Page Load channel notification issue.