Multimedia Management System MMS

Revcord has the perfect logging solution for any customer. Our two product lines provide a full suite of features to organizations big and small, with or without budgetary constraints, in all sectors of the economy.

Our affordable tower chassis, multimedia logger will fit almost any budget with powerful software features – all of the features and functions of our top-of-the-line high reliability Multimedia Management logging system are included in our “MCT”.

Paying for access to individual features in your logger? Not with Revcord. Unlike many of our competitors, we bundle everything you need into our standard suite of feature sets. For example, with Revcord you can access features including Quality Assurance Evaluation software along with a robust reporting package with no user licensing restrictions. Even workstation screen capture is included and configured to the customer’s needs. Video and text (SMS/MMS) logging along with email, instant messaging and social media logging is all available for the same low price. No hidden costs, no extras to be considered.

Hardware & Configuration

Cya Maching

MCT: Mission Critical Tower

The MCT was specifically designed and priced where cost is of primary consideration. In environments that may not have rack space to store the unit, the tower is ideal and provides a solution with standard hardware to successfully log multimedia signaling be it analog, digital, or VoIP telephony. Workstation screens, radio communications, SMS, Social media, and other electronic messaging are all captured with the Revcord solution.

The model MCT features a tower chassis, 1 TB hard drive, combo DVD drive, RAID 1, and the option of backup to a USB hard drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Cya Maching

MCS: Rack-mountable Power Redundant Solution

This model is intended for applications in which Multimedia Logging is critical. Its robust, redundant design is ideal for application in high call volume environments. The model MCS features dual hot swappable 1 TB hard drives with Raid 1 (mirrored recording on the hard drives) and dual hot swappable power supplies for added redundancy in a Rack Mount Chassis.