Our Story

Every business and government agency in operation has an awareness of the value of recording phone calls for verification and quality assurance. Recording workstation screens, video from external sources and even SMS/MMS text is the future and the market has determined this is now the priority. Until now, this approach has been extremely cost prohibitive. Yet right now, Revcord can combine all recorded media and play it back in a way that re-creates an event, many cases for less than what most customers would pay to record just voice.

In early 2003, Trey Schwarz, one of the founders of DigiOp Technologies decided to spin off the DigiOp Multimedia Management product line into a separate company under the name “Revcord”. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Revcord was created as a separate entity to focus solely on Multimedia Management technology and development.

Under the DigiOp brand name, Revcord developed features and functionality tailored to markets in North America, focusing on small and medium sized Public Safety organizations. Since 2003, the company successfully installed a number of larger enterprise systems containing over 300 channels. Revcord also saw a groundswell of appeal to systems that can handle the 8 to 300 channel range. Customers are determined concerned (for good reason) to gain the best value within limited budgets. In addition to the public safety community, Revcord focuses its solutions in areas such as Campus Security, Military, Space Exploration, Aviation, Public Transportation, Utilities, and soon to come MARITIME.

Revcord’s reputation with some of the finest retailers in the commcercial B2B sector is strong. Some of these very same organizations EVEN USE OUR TECHNOLOGY THEMSELVES!

Although Revcord’s initial focus has been Public Safety, the company also recently generated a significant and meaningful presence in many commercial markets. Installations include brokerage and trading firms, banking and financial institutions, and a wide range of general businesses. Revcord’s most notable commercial installation is with Delta Airlines recording communications between pilots from the cockpit and Delta Airlines' operations personnel in Atlanta.

Simplicity In Pricing = Satisfied Customers

We've eliminated the costly "Seat License" fees that our competitors force on their customers to get the most out of their purchase. Revcord’s pricing model does not provide for user licenses or for that matter, multiple tiers of user licensing. Our philosophy is that the customer should have full access to EVERY feature for the price they pay. It is in their hands to choose what features are the most helpful. This significantly lowers the cost of your Revcord system. We also include features like ANI/ALI search capabilities, Re-daction and enhancement of saved copies of calls, record on demand, live monitoring of all channels being recorded, reporting, screen recording, and evaluation and scoring software as standard, at no additional cost!

Our Multimedia Management system is marketed to never lose a sales opportunity so long as it meets the specifications of the customer. We believe the Revcord Multimedia Management System is an outstanding value and we aggressively pursue every opportunity to prove it!