We’re here to revolutionize multimedia recording.

We envision that our multimedia communication and recording solutions will empower those who need it the most. This includes, but by far is not limited to those engaged in campus security, the military, space exploration, aviation, public transportation, utilities, and law enforcement.

We also envision that this capability will translate to a society that is safer, more functional and more accountable due to our seamless communication technology.

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Although Revcord’s initial focus has been Public Safety, the company also recently generated a significant and meaningful presence in many commercial markets. Installations include brokerage and trading firms, banking and financial institutions, and a wide range of general businesses.


Our mission is to position ourselves at the forefront of recording technology; to be continually revolutionary in our goal to provide reliable solutions for multimedia emergency communication in today’s mobile society; to be ironclad in our commitment to our company’s culture of trust and integrity; and to remain affordable so that our innovative technology can have widespread impact.


A simple, user-friendly system configured to fit your specific site needs. 



Revcord will provide a hardware checklist and a pre-installation survey to the dealer or customer to be completed and returned so that we can understand exactly what your site’s needs are.



Once the Recording Equipment is physically installed, a Revcord engineer will remotely configure the Revcord Recording Equipment and its software per the customer specifications mentioned on the survey.



The Revcord system is the most user-friendly software on the market. We also offer an entire knowledgebase of assistance in our Support section, as well as remote one-on-one training for you if you need it.


We are committed to upholding the values of the Revcord brand so that our customers will always consider us the most reliable recording company in the industry.

We do not rest on the reputation of our most recent success. Instead, we continually move forward to new frontiers of communication innovation.

We recognize that our users do not have time to figure out complex equipment. Our products are easy to use and are intuitive in functionality.

In order for widespread impact, we practice strict cost containment so that our users can afford the newest communication tools available.  

Our philosophy is that our customers should have full access to every feature at the same time. This includes screen recording, quality assurance, reports, as well as text and video logging, instant messaging and social media logging.

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, to internal and external measurements of quality assurance, to the communication industry, and to ourselves as professionals.

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