Streamlining your Meetings, Interviews, and Depositions.

Board meetings, business meetings, initial and exit interviews. Every business has them and most struggle to get all of the appropriate parties scheduled to attend. With IQ3, you’ll never have to handwrite minutes to the meeting again. The IQ3 app allows you to document accurately and exactly, it allows for all parties to be present, regardless of location, and it allows for search and download later, as well as bookmarking, creating notes and running QA reports on your meetings.

When it comes to interviews in the corporate world, initial and exit interviews can be more than just questions on a survey. These are important events you need the correct personnel present for, as well as a thorough analyzation of the candidates and how well they fit.

With video, customized bookmarks and questions, and live chat, interviews can now be live streamed so that it can be shared between departments and divisions with ease. And it’s not just the live streaming that provides so much value. Record and document your interviews so that later the hiring managers have the opportunity to review body language, remember the answers to tough interview questions, and analyze candidates for a more comprehensive interview process.

As an example, the exit interview is an important learning tool for employers. Properly conducted and recorded, it provides the employer with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss and clarify the reasons for termination.
  • Clarify pay and benefits issues (e.g., receipt of the last paycheck, the amount of unused vacation, conversion or continuation of benefits, terms of a severance package, unemployment insurance, etc.).
  • Explain company policies relating to departing employees (e.g., trade secret confidentiality, restrictive covenants or non-compete agreements, the possibility of future reemployment, freelance or contract work, the provision of references to prospective employers, etc.).
  • Ensure the return of keys, security cards, and company property.
  • Obtain information about improper or questionable management practices connected with the employee’s termination.
  • Obtain information about a supervisor’s management skills.
  • Obtain information about how effectively a department operates.
  • Obtain feedback about the employees’ opinions and attitudes about the company.
  • Resolve or defuse any remaining disputes with the exiting employee.
  • Protect itself against subsequent charges that the employee was forced to resign (i.e., constructive discharge).
  • Learn of potential changes in policies and practices that may make the company more competitive (e.g., flexible work arrangements, compensation and benefits packages, etc.).

IQ3’s customized bookmarks can ensure that every question is properly asked and answered. The IQ3 Management System offers unique query and reporting capabilities that can give employers important insight into their company’s hiring strategies and practices.

Many of these advantages can also be brought to the video deposition market. No more expensive cameras and wires dangling across the table. Both audio and video can be set up wirelessly or just via a smartphone. Secure, accurate and ready to go in seconds.