Enterprise AIS Integration For New Mexico State Police NM

Revcord is proud to announce the installation of an Enterprise AIS Recording system. Revcord recently installed an AIS system with recorder in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the State Police. The primary system is located in Santa Fe with multiple sites around the state all integrated over the statewide network.

Each location has access to its local calls as well as all radio traffic throughout the state based on permissions from any computer that is on the state network.

The State Police This new Bureau consists of one Director, 10 Supervisors and 73 communications Specialists serving communities in 11 Communications Centers across the state.

The DPS Communications Centers vary in size, hours of operation, communities serviced, and number of agencies served. These centers support more than 30 public safety agencies across the state including the NM State Police and the Motor Transportation Police, several local, city, and county law enforcement agencies, career and volunteer fire agencies, as well as a few other state and federal public safety agencies. All of the centers process warrants for various city and county courts.

Nine of the DPS Communications Centers serve as primary, or secondary, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and are equipped with 9-1-1 Telephony equipment; two of the centers receive Drunk Buster calls and several of the DPS Communications Centers support local PSAPs by serving as back-ups, in case of primary PSAP center failure.