Join Our Exclusivity Program

The Revcord Registration Program is being replaced with the Revcord Exclusivity Program. The program has been trimmed down and is much easier to manage. In defined territories, Revcord authorized Silver and Gold Dealers can have exclusivity for their accounts through the registration of their opportunities. Once a valid registration is made, you will be protected on that account and have the exclusive buying position with Revcord.

Registration Process

A qualified registration must meet the following verified criteria:

  1. The Dealer can only register public safety opportunities that the Dealer “originates” and such an opportunity must be in their assigned territory and meet the other requirements listed below.
  2. The Dealer must provide the customer with a quote, a written proposal, or cause the potential customer to specify Revcord.
  3. All Registrations must have an expected closing date.
  4. If a quote or written proposal has been provided by another Revcord dealer within the last six months, the opportunity cannot be registered.
  5. Registrations will expire after 6 months but can be reregistered with a new quote or written proposal.
  6. Any Dealer registering an opportunity is not allowed to propose competing products.
  7. An exception to the exclusivity is that an incumbent Dealer for an opportunity is allowed to bid. 
  8. The registration must be made before any official public announcement or advertisement of the solicitation.
  9. Registration also requires that the Dealer complete the Opportunity Registration form on the Revcord website.
Basic Information:*