IQ3 facilitates and automates compliance and violation reports and enables the virtualization of video inspections, offering collaboration tools to increase efficiencies and minimize inaccuracies. 


  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate Documentation
  • Reports with 40+ Indices
  • Allows for Live Collaboration
  • Secure File Lockers for all Related Documentation
  • Customized Inspection Process Markers
  • QA/QC – Analysis and Evaluation
  • Manage all Inspections in One Location
  • Search for any Inspection for up to 5 years
  • IQ3 Increases Inspection Accuracy and Dramatically Reduces Liability Issues and Related Costs

How It Works

Mobile App Client

Cloud-Based Enterprise Software

Why It Works

The Problem

The Solution

The Value

  • Inaccuracies in Documentation of Onsite Inspection Information
  • Unorganized Findings, Photos, and Data
  • Wasted Time Due to Limited Collaboration
  • Repeat Onsite Follow Up Visits to Revise Incomplete or Incorrect Reports
  • Increased Liability from Lack of Transparency
  • Capture 100% of Audio and Video of Onsite Inpections
  • Attach and Centralize Reports and Files
  • Collaborate with Live Streaming and Chat
  • Customized Inspection Process Flows are Built-in to the Application
  • Inspections are Stored and Securely Accessible in the Cloud
  • Significantly Increases Documentation Accuracy
  • Streamlined Storage of All Documents, Regardless of Who Created the Files
  • Live and Accessible Findings with Colleagues
  • Dramatically Reduces Need for Onsite Follow-Ups, Freeing upTime and Resources
  • Live Recording and Centralized Documentation

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