IQ3 allows you to create onshore or offshore oilfield equipment inspections, construction inspections, on-hire, and off-hire supply vessel inspections, or any protocol or compliance management service related to the supply chain. 

Companies that conduct regular audits and inspections as part of their operational requirements or as part of their services, logging both audio and video via smart devices can simplify their processes, improve accuracy and limit liability. Revcord IQ3 captures both audio and video at any post incident inspection or event in real-time. Used for any type of meeting or interview, IQ3 enables simple recording, bookmarking, chat, and streaming from any location on an Android or IOS device via Wi-Fi or cell phone service (Based on service carrier). Events are stored and managed in a secure cloud environment for later viewing, reformatting and distribution. Activity and audit reports can also be run to ensure a true “ChainofCustody”.


  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate Documentation
  • Attaches Files/Graphics to the Record
  • Secure Cloud Storage at a Tier-4 Data Center for Recordings and All Files/Graphics
  • Allows for Live Collaboration
  • Share Findings Live with Colleagues
  • Creates a Comprehensive Record on Site
  • QA/QC – Analysis and Evaluation
  • Customize Inspection Notes and Bookmarks
  • Create Customized Reports with 40+ Indices
  • Manage All Recordings/Data in One Location
  • All Data Searchable for up to 5 Years
  • Reduces Cost of On-Site Follow-ups
  • Increases Inspection Accuracy
  • Substantially Reduces Liability Issues

How It Works

Mobile App Client

Cloud-Based Enterprise Software

Why It Works

The Problem

The Solution

The Value

  • Inaccuracies in Documentation of Onsite Inspection Information
  • Unorganized Findings, Photos, and Data Due to No Centralized Storage
  • Lost Time Due to Limited Collaboration in the Field
  • Repeat Onsite Follow Up Visits to Revise Incomplete or Incorrect Reports
  • Increased Liability from Lack of Transparency Drives up Costs
  • Unnecessary Downtime Due to Lengthy Inspections
  • Capture 100% of Audio and Video of Onsite inspections
  • Attach and Centralize Reports and Files
  • Collaborate with Live Streaming and Chat
  • Simple and Robust Data Management Software
  • Customized Inspection Process Flows are Built-in to the Application
  • All the Recordings are Stored and Securely Accessible in the Cloud
  • Significantly Increases Documentation Accuracy
  • Streamlined Storage of All Documents, Regardless of Who Created the Files
  • Live and Accessible Findings with Colleagues
  • Dramatically Reduces Need for Onsite Follow-Ups, Freeing up Time and Expenses
  • Live Recording and Centralized Documentation Substantially Reduces Liability Issues
  • Reduces Downtime from Days to Hours

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