IQ3 can be used for your normal interview rooms at a much-reduced cost. It can take advantage of existing infrastructure like IP cameras and take interviewing to the next level. In addition, remote interviews and investigations can be done. Detectives, investigators, police officers, and internal affair officers require detailed and precise data to log, maintain and present their cases. In most incidences, it’s paper and pen or at best a digital hand-held recorder that documents the event. Writing down facts and answers to questions is far from 100% accurate. Study shows that there is a 20% error rate when comparing handwritten notes with voice recordings. Often witnesses and suspects are asked to travel to another location to be questioned and many times it is hours or days after the event. 

The Misinformation Effect
A Northwestern Medicine study involving 17 people has shown that every time we remember an event that has happened from our past, our brain networks change in ways that alter the recall of the event. This means the next time you remember it, you might not remember the original event but what you remembered the previous time. In addition to the above, there are other factors that can change or contam­inate a person’s memory of an event. Sometimes it’s because of pressure, real or imagined, from outsiders, including relatives and friends of the witness. 

IQ3 is integral in eliminating this misinformation effect and serving as a tool for interviewing, scene investigation, and collaboration. Revcord IQ3 captures both audio and video at the scene of the event in real-time. Used in secure scene investigations, IQ3 enables simple recording, bookmarking, chat, and streaming from any location on an Android or IOS device via Wi-Fi or cell phone service (Based on service carrier). Events are stored and managed in a secure cloud environment for later viewing, reformatting, and distribution. Activity and audit reports can also be run to ensure a true “Chain of Custody”. 

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