What is AIS?

When it comes to recording Radio Traffic with Motorola systems, instead of having the recorder connect to the Radio System itself, Motorola requires the Customer to purchase an Archive Interface Server (AIS) and possibly Voice Processing Module (VPM). Once installed on the Radio Network, these components essentially operate as a go-between with the radio system and a recorder. They also act as a decryption service for private radio transmissions, so that audio can be passed to a digital logging recorder. Motorola requires one AIS for every logging recorder. 

Revcord's AIS Integration

An AIS Integration is not some mysterious magical solution to recording your Motorola Trunked radio traffic. In fact it is quite simple. Motorola provides a Direct Network Connection via a computer server that sends two things to the Revcord recorder: Audio Traffic and Meta Data of the Control Channel Data Traffic. 

Revcord has software that will receive this traffic and synchronize it. 

Revcord can get audio in many different ways from radios, to consoles, to repeaters, and other methods. The Control Channel Data is received over the air through a Control Channel Receiver. With the Control Channel data we can gather Radio Talkgroup IDs, Radio Aliases, and other Trunking Data. The Control Channel is the most standardized and stable aspect of the entire Trunking System. 

The software Revcord deploys is the same for its AIS option as it is for it Over-the-Air radio solution, and in many cases we are more cost effective. 


AIS Failover/Backup Solution

Revcord’s Failover/Backup Solution for your AIS system is usually used in Mission-Critical Environments.  This solution requires dual redundant recorders that have the AIS Client configured on both the Primary and Backup: AIS Server IP, AIS Server Port, AIS Network Interface, Logger Database Info, DVSI Decoder, etc. 

The Talkgroup and Alerts configuration must be done on the Primary Recorder Only. The configurations will automatically be transferred tot he Backup Recorder by the AIS Server if/when the Primary Server is inaccessible, down or any other Network failure. This triggers the Backup Server to begin recording.