The Revcord Mobile Call Recorder

Revcord’s full-featured cloud-based mobile call recorders. It can record your cellular phone calls for easy retrieval and sharing. Revcord designed the recorder to act as a “channel” just as if it were a local channel on a Revcord Server. The configuration tab provides for the user to have all recorded data streamed over the cloud back to the local server. Calls can be viewed just like any other analog, digital, or VoIP call with the Revcord web-based client search engine.¬†


  • Buffering for Internet Connectivity
  • Configure Cloud Interface
  • Send Recording Via Email
  • Email on Demand
  • Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Quality Assurance and Scoring
  • ¬†Caller ID
  • Activity Logger
  • GPS Tracking
  • Password Protection to Use App
  • Playback on Phone
  • Event Based Recording
  • Reporting¬†
  • Cloud-Based Storage
  • Beep Tone
  • Remaining Call Time
  • Voice Mail
  • Favorites