Screen Recording

RevAgent is an application/service that resides on the client PC. It provides for a host of services and acts as a liaison between the Revcord Server and the Client. RevAgent is installed on the individual desktops with the following Functionality: 

RevAgent screen recording enables an Agent or Call Taker’s computer screen (e.g. CAD, GIS) to be recorded and synchronized with voice and then transfer the file and update the database on the server. The screen recording capture works in either of two modes on the Revcord Voice Logger: Client Mode and Server Mode. 

In the Client Mode, the recording works with a Record on Demand (ROD) trigger. In this mode, the user will have the ability to enable to disable screen capture. 

In the Server Mode, the screen recording works with any recording trigger, however, the Server Mode overrides the ROD  and continuously records the screen. Playback is simple, performed on the search screen allowing voice or voice and screen playback. Multiple screens, often up to 4 per workstation, are normal in some busy agencies. 

Revcord can record multiple screens Full-Time or Triggered by Events.

Screen Recording