RevShield Maintenance and Support Program


The RevShield Software Suite consists of two powerful applications, RevGuard and RevWatch, that have been designed to monitor, report and support your Revcord MMS Logger system components with security as a priority.


RevGuard uses its built-in monitoring system to detect problems before they happen and to generate system-critical alerts for issues that may have gone unnoticed by the Network Administrator. RevGuard uses fully configurable triggers to initiate alerts sent to RevWatch. RevGuard also acts as your software update manager and your remote viewer manager. Your RevGuard client reports to our RevWatch Portal

RevGuard Remote Viewer Utility

RevGuard Remote Viewer Utility is a utility embedded within RevWatch and allows for web=-based remote access and control of your Revcord MMS Logger. The RevGuard remote agent has no separate UI and will not compromise security protocols. 


RevWatch is a secure cloud-based application that receives and manages alerts and notifications pertaining to the health and status of all systems running RevGuard. RevWatch also works on closed networks that have no internet ability. The remote viewer utility is embedded within RevWatch, and has no separate UI and will not compromise security protocols.