Dual Redundancy and Failover Protocols
to Achieve 99.999% Availability

Revstream (3)

The RevStream LaaS Logging Platform is the latest development designed to elevate Service Uptime Levels for Mission-Critical Call Centers, while providing cloud services. With your Subscription to RevStream, you receive a Turnkey Call-Logging Solution that includes your redundant equipment, integrations, training, support, and all your favorite logger features. The Affordable Annual Payment allows you to forgo capital expenditures, giving you greater control over expected costs. 


  • All-Solid-State Components
  • Redundant Data Collectors
  • Analog VoIP Gateway(s) (As Needed)
  • Failover Protocols Built-in to MMS Software
  • Updates Management Without Downtime


  • CJIS Compliant Data Transmission and Storage
    • Encrypted Data Transmission
    • No Open Inbound Ports Required for Communication
  • HIPAA Compliant Access (Updated Quarterly)
    • Multi-level Authentication Methods
    • Strong Password Enforcement