RevView-Virtualizing the 9-1-1 Experience

Eighty percent of the estimated 240 million 911 calls each year are made from cell phones. A Caller’s cell phone can provide a Live Video feed that becomes part of the recorded 911 Call Event. Revcord now offers Public Safety Telecommunicators (PSTs) and First Responders the ability to view and record critical video information obtained from the caller’s cell phone before arrival. RevView will place the first responder virtually on the scene to help understand and communicate valuable situational intel. Dispatchers can now have the situational awareness needed to maximize the response to an emergency call. Beyond that, the PST can add anyone that has a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet to the event. 

Imagine having an officer arrive on scene virtually before actually arriving!


  • Virtualize the First Responder Assessment
  • Caller Visually Collaborates With First Responders and Other Invitees As Necessary
  • Video Feed Can Be Shared With Multiple Parties
  • Video And Chat Become Part of 9-1-1 Call Event for Later Review
  • Video Is Secured Within Chain of Custody For Later Access

How it Works

In order to establish a Video Connection, the PST sends the Caller an SMS text message with a URL link. 

The link establishes a secure connection between the Revcord Server and the Caller. The two-way video feed is then available to the PST who can then Video Conference additional resources. 

Chat is also available within this function for situations where audio can be a safety concern. 


  • Nothing is stored on a Caller’s device, keeping it out of the Chain of Custody. 
  • No Mobile App is required. 
  • Secure Link between Caller and PST.
  • See and hear Real-Time Video Steam
  • Live Chat function for non-audio communication between PST and Event Attendees. 
  • Create bookmarks and add notes in real-time. 
  • Ability to conference audio, two-way video, and chat for all connected parties with the PST being the Gatekeeper between the caller and the rest of the conference. 
  • Live video “Rewind-On-The-Fly” feature. 
  • Playback of call event with synchronized audio and video between the Caller, PST, and all Conferenced Attendees. 
  • Metadata is displayed and linked and is available for integration.