Creating a More Efficient Workflow For All Types of Inspections.

As cloud-based technology, smartphone business apps, and SaaS pricing models are gaining overwhelming acceptance, the cost of traditional server-based solutions, (which includes constant storage and software upgrades, as well as hardware, maintained cost) continue to present a strain on company’s budgets and cash flow.

We completely understand. That is why Revcord created this software that can record and document home, rental, oil & gas, aviation, fleet, property management inspections and more. All of this using an Android or iOS Application. It can also be used as a transcription device.

It is a simple and robust system. You can stream your events or documentation live, record with bookmarks and notes, create audio and chat conferences with multiple parties, and automatically upload to our secure server. You can even geo-tag a specific location for on-scene inspections. The features are endless.

With Revcord, it’s easy to manage all of your various inspections in one location. Watch them live or later search on date, time, case ID, inspector, bookmarks, bookmark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, you can perform QA evaluations and run reports for all of your events.

Whether it is insurance companies, rental companies, property inspections, oil & gas, home inspectors, or even aviation & fleet, IQ3 offers a solution to the challenges facing inspectors daily. Many inspectors see inaccuracies in the documentation of on-site inspection information, sometimes because all notes and documents are handwritten. These findings can sometimes be unorganized, simply because there is no centralized storage for photos and data. This also presents an issue with wasted time, not just because of the need for on-site follow-ups, but also because of limited collaboration in the field. The main issues surrounding the need for multiple follow-ups is the increase in cost and liability. IQ3 offers a tangible and easy to use solution for all of the issues that Inspectors face in order to get their job done quickly and efficiently.

The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) is a model code that regulates the minimum maintenance requirements for existing buildings. The IPMC is a maintenance document intended to establish minimum maintenance standards for basic equipment, light, ventilation, heating, sanitation, and fire safety.

Many communities allow property owners to appeal their violations or request continuances. These meetings usually include pictures and documentation presented by the code enforcement officer to confirm the violation. IQ3 is a perfect solution for documenting, tracking and presenting evidence for Code Enforcement Officers.

Insurance companies, particularly those that are responsible for larger value items or that offer liability insurance to corporate customers often need to visually document property or accident scenes. Agents in the field can now stream live to their offices for feedback or additional instructions. Large apartment management firms will find IQ3 a perfect way to document proof for cleaning and damage expenses.

On top of all of those different types of uses for inspectors, companies that rent cars, boats, planes, furniture can now make a visual record of their items before it leaves and after it returns. Thus, justifying and proofing any damage or ware charges.