Revcord IQ3 is a multimedia logging platform that works as a stand-alone reporting system or it can be integrated with your existing ERP system. IQ3 is a highly configurable end-user tool that incorporates, compiles, and organizes all workflow ordinances, checklists, pictures, videos, and additional documents into one report.  The IQ3 tool offers locally recorded or event live-stream and multi-tenant collaboration on any event. Each report/event is organized and stored in a secure repository ensuring a true “chain of custody”, and easily accessible by authorized users, or exported to the ERP for review, billing, and any other back-office functions. 

Onsite Inspection Tool for Municipalities, Code Enforcement and Compliance
Investigation Tool for Police and Fire Departments
A Human Resources Tool for Entrance and Exit Interviews, also Serving as a Sensitive Issue Witness
Asset Management Tool
Asset or Fleet Management Tool
Insurance Applications Including Disaster Assessment, Property Damage, and Loss Inspections
Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Supply Chain or Manufacturer Compliance or Protocol Management Services


IQ3 facilitates and automates compliance and violation reports and enables the virtualization of video inspections, offering collaboration tools to increase efficiencies and minimize inaccuracies. 

Oil & Gas

IQ3 allows you to create onshore or offshore oilfield equipment inspections, construction inspections, on-hire, and off-hire supply vessel inspections, or any protocol or compliance management service related to the supply chain. 


Public Safety

IQ3 facilitates off-site interviews, decreases investigator’s time spent on paperwork, eliminates note-taking errors, and provides assurance of an informational “chain of custody.” 

Mobile App Client

Cloud-Based Enterprise Software



  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate Documentation
  • Reports with 40+ Indices
  • Allows for Live Collaboration
  • Secure File Lockers for all Related Documentation
  • Customized Inspection Process Markers
  • QA/QC – Analysis and Evaluation
  • Manage all Inspections in One Location
  • Search for any Inspection for up to 5 years

IQ3 Increases Inspection Accuracy and Dramatically Reduces Liability Issues and Related Costs

The Problem

  • Inaccuracies in Documentation of Onsite Inspection Information
  • Unorganized Findings, Photos, and Data
  • Wasted Time Due to Limited Collaboration
  • Repeat Onsite Follow Up Visits to Revise Incomplete Or Incorrect Reports
  • Increased Liability from Lack of Transparency

The Solution

  • Capture 100% of Audio and Video of Onsite Inspections
  • Attach and Centralize Reports and Files
  • Collaborate with Live Streaming and Chat
  • Customized Inspection Process Flows are Built-in to the Application
  • Inspections are Stored and Securely Accessible in the Cloud

The Value

  • Significantly Increases Documentation Accuracy
  • Streamlined Storage of All Documents, Regardless of Who Created the Files
  • Live and Accessible Findings with Colleagues
  • Dramatically Reduces Need for Onsite Follow-Ups, Freeing Up Time and Expenses
  • Live Recording and Centralized Documentation Substantially Reduces Liability Issues

Revcord IQ3 saves money and time!

IQ3 increases field inspector efficiency by 3-4 Hours per inspector per day (based on 10 inspections/day) and automating “violation reports” with IQ3

IQ3 testing at City of Houston determined that Revcord saves them 37% annually based on 2.3 million population & 900,000 forecasted inspections.

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