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No more interpreting poorly written notes, losing paper files, or writing into a notepad. Our recording app is here to help make your job easier, with accurate digital recollection, fast load time, and secure file storage. IQ3 takes advantage of existing systems, like IP cameras, and comes at a much lower cost.

IQ3 captures both audio and video at the scene of an event in real-time, eliminating errors stemming from the Misinformation Effect. Used in secure onsite investigations, IQ3 brings recording, notes, chat, and streaming to any Android or iOS device via Wi-Fi or cell phone service. You can focus on catching the bad guys, we’ll record and secure all the important details.

  • Collaborate real-time with others
  • Automatically save records to cloud
  • Eliminate human error from handwritten notes


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Our multimedia loggers enable companies to meet the needs of Next Generation 9-1-1 public safety, as well as, liability and compliance concerns of call centers. Call centers can be assured of call quality while maximizing efficiency.

You can choose the logger best fit for space or affordability; knowing all our loggers capture VoIP, computer screens, radio communications, SMS, social media, and other electronic messaging.

  • Chain of Custody
  • Secure file storage
  • Quick record retrieval


Our recording app pairs with a management system where events are stored in a secure cloud environment for review, reformatting, and distribution. Run activity and audit reports to ensure proper “Chain of Custody” is met.

  • Trace GPS locations and routes
  • Generate reports for sharing
  • Perform quality assurance evaluations
  • Accurate record storage and retrieval
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