Our affordable multi-media logger and powerful management software features will fit almost any budget.

Revcord Product - Model MCT

Model: MCT

The Mission Critical Tower (MCT) was specifically designed and priced where cost is of primary consideration. In environments that may not have rack space to store the unit, the tower is ideal and provides a solution with standard hardware to successfully log multimedia signaling be it analog, digital, or VoIP telephony. Workstation screens, radio communications, SMS, Social media, and other electronic messaging are all captured with the Revcord solution.

The model MCT features a tower chassis, 1 TB hard drive, combo DVD drive, RAID 1, and the option of backup to a USB hard drive or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Revcord Product Model MCS

Model: MCS

This rack-mountable power redundant solution is intended for applications in which Multimedia Logging is critical. It’s robust, redundant design is ideal for application in high call volume environments.

The model MCS features dual hot-swappable 1 TB hard drives with Raid 1 (mirrored recording on the hard drives) and dual hot-swappable power supplies for added redundancy in a Rack Mount Chassis.


  • Avoid the purchase the AIS hardware or other wire line hardware, a separate computer in addition to the logger.

  • Avoid the costly Motorola imposed AIS license fee or other manufacturer connection fees.

  • Avoid the high yearly maintenance costs charged by Motorola, other trunked radio manufacturers, and the logger competition.

  • Avoid the hassle of coordinating with outside agencies.

  • Avoid the constant upgrade cycle.

  • No networking bandwidth, leased line charges or agency coordination issues.

  • Gain a simple to understand the solution that doesn’t need a high priced technician to maintain.

  • Gain integration between your radio loggings, your 911 phone loggings and your admin phone line loggings. One logger does it all.

  • Supports P25 (any vendor) phase 1 and phase 2 (Talkgroup Logging Only). Also supports Motorola 3600 baud trunking systems.

  • Supports any configuration of trunking, system including standalone sites, cores, SmartZone and simulcast.

  • Supports secure (encrypted) talk groups.

  • Supports the logging of private calls.

  • Logs every talk group call for every talk group using the trunking site. New talk groups added to the trunking site are automatically logged at no additional cost.

  • Guaranteed to log all calls for monitored talk groups. Logger logs EXACTLY what radio users hear. Single site and multi-site implementations.

  • Provides local control of the loggings since all equipment is owned by you. No dependency or connections to outside agencies and no fees/ hassles.


NENA’s goal for NG9-1-1 is to enable the general public to make a 911 call from any device and allow emergency services to take advantage of internetworking technologies based on open standards.

All Revcord systems integrate seamlessly with NENA’s NG9-1-1. We also offer training seminars on various aspects of NG9-1-1 and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). As long as you have one of our maintenance plans in place, NG9-1-1 will cost you nothing extra.

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