What is an AIS Integration?

An AIS integration is not some mysterious magical solution to recording your Motorola Trunked radio traffic. In fact it is quite simple. Motorola provides a direct network connection via a computer server that sends two things to the Revcord recorder: audio traffic and meta data control channel data traffic). Revcord [...]

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What Is The Status Of The i3 Spec?

Revcord engineers have been deeply involved with Next Generation 9-1-1 since 2007 during the feasibility analysis and initial design with the Department of Transportation and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). In 2009, Revcord was among the very first two logging recorder vendors to join in ICE (Industry Collaboration Event) [...]

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The Revcord Pricing Strategy

Although the development of the Revcord software now exceeds more than $6,000,000, this software effectively cost Revcord very little. Charles "Trey" Schwarz was a primary owner in the company that had the software and saw an opportunity to purchase all of it in a trade for equity in a company [...]

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Revcord Announces The VoIP Upgrade Policy

In the current economic environment we understand that as desirable as a VoIP telephone system may be, not all agencies can upgrade to VoIP in the current budget year. However, those same agencies may need to replace their voice logging recorder quickly. If a new recorder is purchased now costs [...]

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Revcord Becomes Part Of The HGAC Buying Group

Revcord is now a part of the Houston Galveston Area Council Contract through a no cost Interlocal Agreement. Revcord provides the lowest cost voice and multimedia recorders with all features included. Valid in 44 states, the HGAC contract is a multiple award schedule fully advertised with full and open competition among [...]

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