Logging As A Service


Revcord has established Logging as a Service (LaaS) which allows you to acquire new recording equipment without having to rely on capital budgets and expenditures.

Revcord HTML5


HTML5 has become the industry standard for browsers and it is not just a feature, it is a requirement for your logging future. Read how Revcord offers HTML5 compatibility. 

Incident Recreation


Revcord’s takes scenario/incident recreation to a new level. And, it’s included at no additional cost. Download to learn more about incident recreation. 

Instant Recall


Revcord provides legacy functionality of an instant recall with an easy to use simple solution for today’s technology. Download to learn more.

Warranty Statement


All purchases of Revcord systems include a limited hardware warranty plan that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This document explains Revcord's warranty in detail.

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