Announcing the Rhodes Lauck Acquisition: An Exciting Advantage for Public Safety Technology

The Houston-based company Revcord has announced the purchase of Memphis-based Rhodes Lauck & Associates Logging Division, a move that translates to an exciting technological advantage for public safety.


(HOUSTON, TX, January 1, 2018) – Houston-based Revcord has announced the purchase of Memphis-based Rhodes Lauck & Associates Logging Division (RLA), a move that positions Revcord as an advanced mission critical answering point for public safety and law enforcement. The acquisition is an indication of the company’s expansion plans in response to the public safety segment’s growing need for cutting-edge technology. In addition, current customers of RLA now have direct access to support from the manufacturer.

According to President Trey Schwarz, Revcord’s acquisition of RLA offers important solutions that are practical and cost-effective and that offer additional benefits gained by a consolidation of functionalities.’

The company’s current multimedia communication and recording solutions are designed to empower a wide range of business segments, including campus security, military, space exploration, aviation, public transportation, utilities, and law enforcement markets. The company is poised at the forefront of recording technology and is committed to revolutionizing multimedia recording in order to provide innovative and reliable solutions for multimedia emergency communication in today’s mobile society.

Per Trey Schwarz, ‘We offer exceptional value to our clients and to the public at large traditionally through a dealer network, however, there are certain situations that provide better value to the customer to have a direct relationship. The RLA purchase is an example of this type of situation.’

For more information on Revcord and the recent acquisition, please call 281-404-7040 or visit the Revcord website at

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