Revcord Announces The VoIP Upgrade Policy

In the current economic environment we understand that as desirable as a VoIP telephone system may be, not all agencies can upgrade to VoIP in the current budget year. However, those same agencies may need to replace their voice logging recorder quickly. If a new recorder is purchased now costs to upgrade to VoIP later may be quite expensive – except with Revcord.

Revcord solves that problem. Simply buy your new Revcord analog, digital or analog + digital recorder now and you can trade in those recording boards for full functioning VoIP software at NO COST if done within one year of the initial installation. Depending upon your IP PBX and VoIP phones there may be a small configuration charge for set up.

This could easily be a savings of thousands of dollars. Upgrade VoIP trade-ins are limited to full voice board quantities.

For example, a 96 channel analog recorder has four (4) each twenty-four (24) channel boards so, upgrade trade-ins to VoIP software are limited to 24 channel increments.

But wait, our offer is even better. For year one after initial installation VoIP upgrades are free and in year two VoIP upgrades will be provided at 50% of the then current price.