Revcord is proud to announce the most innovative and advanced multimedia logging solution on the market today. Below is the detail of what’s new to the Revcord software.

Version 11 contains new features and critical updates which are required to make sure your system operates properly.  This provides for assurances for any changes made by the Microsoft operating system.

What’s New In Version 11?

Responsive Design & New User Interface

Revcord’s new browser-based user interface provides for a modern look and feel. In addition to the new look, this interface supports all HTML5 browsers and window sizes including browsers on tablets and cell phones:  a responsive design.


RevSync is a brand new feature within the Revcord logging system that is broadly described as a cloud-based backup system. RevSync copies a logger’s calls, data, and the database to the cloud for remote offsite backup. The cloud copy can be accessed remotely through the standard Revcord user interface. The remote access of end-customer’s calls is both secure and private.

Multi-Customer Security (Multitenancy)

Revcord now offers a cloud-based multi-tenant system.  It is similar to Google Gmail where you log in one place but there are multiple companies.  It keeps end-users (clients) separate from each other. This includes the calls, data, and databases themselves. The feature provides a private and HIPAA compliant environment.  This technology will be used for RevSync and RevStream a cloud-based recorder which is being released next month.

Internet Protocol Interface (WebRTC) And NO PLUGINS (Full HTML5)

WebRTC is an advanced internet protocol used for real-time communications across the internet. We have embraced this technology and use it to ensure a secure and complete interface between Revcord IQ3 based products, logger products, and Revcord cloud-based systems.  This prevents security holes for hackers: Browser plug-ins like Flash and Java are the biggest attack vectors.  This also provides for an open standard:  Web Browsers use “open standards” unlike proprietary plug-ins.  Lastly, this reduces CPU Usage: HTML5 uses 1/3 of CPU Resources as most plugins.

HIPAA Compliance Updates

New updates to the Revcord system keeps users data separate and secure. Only authorized personnel have access to data and logging. Whether the Revcord product is cell phone/tablet-based, Windows personal computer-based, or cloud-based, you can be assured that Revcord meets the most stringent security and HIPAA protocols.

Text911 Using ANI/ALI Data Feed

NENA’s NG9-1-1 initiatives include many enhancements to emergency service dispatch centers. One aspect is receiving text (SMS) messages sent to 911. Revcord’s feature enhancement supports Text911 messages received through the ANI/ALI data feed.

Other Features

There has been an upgrade to Quality Assurance, Exporting, Reports, and the Search page for better user interaction.