Revcord announces its full featured installation service program where you are the BOSS! The BOSS program provides for remote or onsite base software installation. This service will be extremely useful for untrained technicians and remote locations. BOSS also ensures our customers are getting every possible feature out of our Revcord system.


The process stays with the Revcord theme – simplicity. As a dealer or customer, you will receive a hardware checklist and you will fill out an information sheet called the Installation Planning Guide. Once the hardware is installed either through the onsite BOSS Premium Program, or by the dealer or customer, a Revcord engineer will remote in and program the system.

RevSync Back

Your information is important; we know that.

We offer RevSync to help secure your data. RevSync is the ultimate backup to your logger. It provides for remote, secure, HIPAA compliant access. RevSync acts as a mirror image of your logger, but in a secure cloud location.


  • Securely access your mirrored system remotely from any location in the world
  • Remotely store all your logger data in the case of a catastrophic disaster
  • Comes with five years of storage