At Revcord, we want you to get the most out of your system. That is why we have custom and remote configuration options, programs to offer continued support for your software, and even an option to eliminate budget constraint worries.

REVSHIELD | Maintenance and Support

To best serve our customers, Revcord created the Revshield Software Assurance and Technical Support Program.
This program is made up of two parts:  support and maintenance plus logger monitoring.
  • RSPLUSEG: This package provides for Support, Upgrades, and Patches. In addition, for those that allow proper Port access, Revcord will monitor the system through RevShield Alerts.  All systems at the time of purchase include 1 year of this software assurance package.
  • RSPLUS24EG: In addition to RSPLUSEG, this package will provide for onsite service with a next-day response*.
  • RSPLUS4EG: In addition to RSPLUSEG, this package will provide for onsite service with a four-hour response*.

REVSYNC | Cloud-Based Backup and Remote Access​

Your information is important; we know that.

We offer RevSync to help secure your data.  RevSync is the ultimate tool to backup and remotely access the data on your Revcord MMS logger. RevSync acts as a mirror image of your logger, but in a secure cloud location with your own dedicated tenancy. With onsite storage of your data, one catastrophe can cause the loss of all the data. With RevSync, secure access to your logger is available to our customers 24/7.

As systems and threats evolve, no system can be protected against all vulnerabilities, and we consider our customers to be the most important partner in maintaining security and privacy safeguards. If you have any concerns, we ask that you bring them to our attention, and we will investigate. Where appropriate, we will address the issue with product changes, technical bulletins and/or responsible disclosures to customers and regulators. Revcord continuously strives to improve security and privacy throughout the product life cycle.


  • Securely access your mirrored system remotely from any location in the world
  • Remote storage of all your logger data in case of a catastrophic disaster
  • Five years of data storage
  • NFPA 110 Compliant
  • Tier-4 Datacenter
  • Ability to troubleshoot your logger without a need for access to the local server for various situations

B.O.S.S. PROGRAM | Installation


Revcord announces its full featured installation service program where you are the BOSS! The B.O.S.S. program provides for remote or onsite base software installation. This service will be extremely useful for untrained technicians and remote locations. B.O.S.S. also ensures our customers are getting every possible feature out of our Revcord system.


The process stays with the Revcord theme – simplicity. As a dealer or customer, you will receive a hardware checklist and you will fill out an information sheet called the Installation Planning Guide. Once the hardware is installed either through the onsite B.O.S.S. Premium Program, or by the dealer or customer, a Revcord engineer will remote in and program the system.