Decrease Your Stress and Caseload by Using The IQ3 Application.

Social workers, co-responders, child advocacy specialist, adoption professionals, and healthcare advocates help people respond to and cope with social, economic, emotional and behavioral problems in their daily lives. The schedule of a social worker may change depending on client scheduling, paperwork, staff meetings, and other factors. Child and family social workers, clinical social workers, health care social workers and mental health and substance abuse social workers represent the main specialties in social work.

Stress levels are higher than ever before in the social services industry. Resources are fewer, and there is less staff, which means significantly increased caseloads. Additionally, trying to maintain an accurate case record is also a challenge.  Many clients move repeatedly and may have numerous personnel assigned to them over time.

The great thing about IQ3 is that no matter where your client is, you can conduct your interview, stream it live, collaborate with other caseworkers, and store the events all in one secure cloud, regardless of who created the file. IQ3 allows for simple retrieval and management of interviews as well as attached documentation, which can be retrieved from any web browser, anytime, anywhere. Not only does this significantly decrease the time spent on paperwork, but it also increases organization and efficiency and takes the stress out of the job, so that the caseworkers can finally focus on the client.