Inquire breaks boundaries in business as an advanced event and information management system designed to help multiple industries reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.

(Houston, TX, December 1, 2017) – Developed by a team of technology innovators based in Houston, Inquire is a multimedia recording and streaming management system designed to facilitate interviews, investigations, inspections, meetings and much more. Inquire allows on-the-spot, real-time communication, documentation, collaboration and evaluation, resulting in a seamless workflow and increased productivity.
As explained by President and CEO, Trey Schwarz, “Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming business every day. It doesn’t really matter what industry. In order to compete and thrive, businesses are in a constant climb to adapt and take advantage of technologies or solutions that will actually help them become more productive, decrease cost and increase profits.”

Inquire Is Comprised of Three Main Divisions:

1. IQ3 is suitable for a wide spectrum of industries and is used for facilitating, recording and documenting events such as meetings, interviews, investigations, lectures and inspections.

2. MD advances remote triage procedures and is suitable for EMS, in-flight emergencies, and non-emergent transports.

3. RX harnesses the combined power of Inquire Management software and Quick Tube System hardware to facilitate and expedite prescription fulfillment from a convenient, HIPAA-compliant kiosk, providing increased efficiencies and a better customer experience.

Inquire’s cloud-based, multimedia management system uses an Android or IOS application, enabling companies to live stream, record, create bookmarks and notes, bring in collaborators for conferences, and even geotag events. It offers easy access to previous recordings and events through an easy search option and can generate reports and QA analysis. User expected to benefit from Inquire include law enforcement personnel, educators, inspection agencies, medical personnel, social workers and pharmacies to name a few.

Inquire brings people and ideas together from around the world to offer a creative perspective to the way we live, the way we work, and the way we solve problems. For more information on how Inquire can help your business or organization, contact us here or schedule a demo.


See how Inquire works> Watch the video here.