The Revcord Multimedia Management System Fully supports HTML5 for Audio and Video Playback

HTML5 has become the industry standard for browsers and it is not just a feature, it is a requirement for your logging future! The adoption of HTLM5 by browsers has been a long time coming and there are a multitude of reasons why browser dependent programs should use HTML5. Below are some of the reasons:

· Prevents Security Holes For Hackers: Browser plug-ins like Flash and Java are the biggest attack vectors. Cross browser support makes them larger targets than the browsers themselves. NPAPI and ActiveX plug-ins have complete access to a system, such as operating system permissions.

· Provides For An Open Standard: Web Browsers use “open standards” unlike proprietary plug-ins; Mic¬rosoft Silverlight isn’t supported in Linux, just as Flash will not run in iOS.

· Reduces CPU Usage: HTML5 uses 1/3 of CPU Resources as most plugins.

· Browser Crash: Plug-ins are a leading cause of crashes. New-era browsers based on HTML5 have inter-nal sandboxing which prevent total-browser crashes.

· Update Services Are Always Running: Java, Flash, PDF Reader, QuickTime, Silverlight, Unity Web Player, RealPlayer, etc. are all independent and use their very own updater services. In terms of resource hogs, these can all add up quickly, impending a system’s performance. Not to mention, they are all po-tential failure points and potential security weakpoints.

· IT Deparment Updates: Many IT departments won’t let the User update plugins which means everytime their is an update, the User has no access to the system.

Revcord has spent more than 10 man years developing an HTLM5 solution that supports not only audio but also video. Video has become a very important piece to any Multimedia Logger and without it being supported, Users would be back to plugins that cause security risks, CPU Usage issues, Crashes, Closed Standards, and extra Services Running.

Any logger that does not support HTML5 for both video and audio is putting the User at risk. Revcord strongly encourages all Users to verify with their IT personnel and to know the importance of HTML5.