The Revcord Pricing Strategy

Although the development of the Revcord software now exceeds more than $6,000,000, this software effectively cost Revcord very little. Charles “Trey” Schwarz was a primary owner in the company that had the software and saw an opportunity to purchase all of it in a trade for equity in a company called DigiOp. Revcord was formed with the vision to sell the most full featured recorder at the most economical price available anywhere thereby commoditizing the call recording industry.

Revcord has taken this base technology and accomplished this goal.Revcord’s mission is to create a niche market as the regulatory environment continues to increase the requirements for call recording. Revcord plans to do this by offering call recording that is scalable by being easy to install and easy to use with affordability. Typically, R&D represents anywhere from 35% to 50% of the cost of a product. Revcord’s pricing strategy of offering a full featured call recording without a charge for R&D provides not only for a commoditizing strategy but also for market penetration by Revcord.