Tired Of Your Current Recorder?

Revcord Can Provide You New Software And Save You Money At The Same Time!

Revcord currently offers the ability to transfer audio calls from alternate recorder vendor platforms to the Revcord recording system. In addition, most Windows based that are less than five years old provides takeovers of existing systems. A take-over is pretty simple.

You need to check for the following items:

  • The hardware is less than five years old
  • The system is capable of running Windows 7 Pro or Windows Server greater than 2003
  •  For digital and analog systems, the encoders must be either Audio Codes or Synway.Upon verification Revcord simply swaps out the software. Revcord will backup and verify all data on the existing recorder, Verify Configuration, Channel Names, etc., Reimage OS, and install the Revcord software.
  • Once this is completed, Revcord will use its Transfer Utility on the backup drive to retrieve all previous data to be put into a Revcord format. Revcord currently supports the takeover of the following recorders: Stancil, CyberTech platform from Nice (Cybertech cards are not supported at this time), Dynamic Instruments, Higher Ground, Verint, and VPI.