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Revcord’s comprehensive call recording and call monitoring solutions enable customers to address the needs of Next Generation 9-1-1 public safety as well as liability and compliance concerns of call centers while ensuring call quality and maximizing operational efficiency. We provide simple, practical and cost-effective voice logging options for government organizations and small and medium sized businesses that reduce their expenses, provide state-of-the art integrated multimedia recording, mitigate their risk and enhance the user experience.

Voice, video, text and other media can be recorded, searched and replayed. With Call Commenting, ANI/ALI, Dialed Number, Radio ID, Call Tagging, Caller ID, and much more, the Revcord software gives users the ability to easily find a recording with a User interface that rivals all.

REVAGENT | Screen Recording

RevAgent is a complete upgrade to the previous Revcord Utility Client. RevAgent is a service that resides on the client PC. It provides for a host of services and acts as a liaison between the Revcord server and the client. RevAgent will need to be installed on the individual desktops. It will provide the following functionality:

• Audio ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
• Triggered Screen Recording by Area
• Screen Masking
• Screen ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
• Triggered Screen Recording by Mask
• Live Streaming

• Free Seating by Windows User
• Full Time Screen Recording
• Call Commenting While on Call
• Free Seating by Revcord User
• Auto Login
• Full Session Recording Based on Duration
• Multi-Screen Recording (Up to Four)

As an example, Revcord’s screen recording enables an agent’s or call taker’s computer screen (e.g. CAD, GIS) to be recorded synchronized with voice and then transfers the file and updates the database on the server. The screen recording capture works in either of two modes on the Revcord voice logger: Client Mode and Server Mode. In the Client Mode, the recording works with a Record on Demand (ROD) trigger. In this mode the user will have the ability to enable or disable screen capture. In the Server Mode, the screen recording works with any recording trigger, however, the Server Stealth Mode overrides the ROD and continuously records the screen. Playback is simple, performed on the search screen allowing voice or voice and screen playback. Multiple screens, often up to 4 per workstation, are normal in some busy agencies. Revcord can record multiple screens in full time or triggered by events. Multiple screen recording is offered at no additional cost.


REVCELL | Call Recording

Revcell is one of the first full-featured, cloud-based mobile call recorders. It is an Android app designed to run on your smartphone and can record your cellphone calls for easy retrieval and sharing. Revcell pairs with its server counterpart the Revcord Multimedia Logger or the Revcord Cloud Server.

REVCHECK | System Connectivity

Utility program to check network and environmental settings to determine the suitability to run Revcord programs on a particular host computer. Version 1 runs on Windows PC and checks suitability of the PC computer. Version 2 will run on the IQ3 app as well.

REVGUARD | Security

At Revcord, we know security is a leading factor in many IT Departments’ decision making. RevGuard was designed and built with keeping Security as a priority. RevGuard does not require any listener sockets or TCP/UDP ports to be created. That means RevGuard is “closed off” to the outside world. In the event of a trigger or alert, an outgoing encrypted signal will be sent via SSL to RevWatch via a User defined outbound port only for base situations. For remote access and support, there are also security protocols in place.

RevGuard alert triggers are also configured locally and are fully customizable. Several aspects can be configured for monitoring: Hard Disk Status, Hard Disk Storage Space, CPU usage, Memory usage, Revcord software processes or stops/crashes, exceptions created by Revcord Processes, Revcord channel activity, and file deletion.

RevGuard notifications/alerts are configured locally, and are fully customizable. There are many different ways in which an alert can be manifested: Email notifications, automatic ticket creation in the Revcord Ticketing System, Remote Assistance Requests, or Taskbar Icon/Balloon messages.


Revcord provides for two modes of remote capability again keeping in mind security as our primary priority: On Demand Mode and Host Mode. On Demand Mode allows for an interactive session to be initiated directly with Support by clicking on an Icon on the Revcord Server or even a User’s Workstation. In addition, a User can be sent a link via email or Instant Messaging. Once a remote support session is requested, a Revcord Customer Support Agent or Dealer Technician will be able to connect to the system using a SHA-256 encrypted SSL connection. All Revcord Dealers will have the abilities of RevGuard, RevWatch, and remote support for sites on RevShield. In Host Mode, sessions can be automatically requested as part of an alert, by clicking a link within the Web User Interface, or by double-clicking the Request Remote Support icon on the desktop. Please note that none of the above-mentioned methods require any listener sockets or TCP/UDP ports to be created.

REVSTREAM | Signal Dashboard

RevStream is a Revcord recording system feature to record calls with small simple satellite devices and to store these calls completely in the cloud. End-customers will not have a local recorder. The cloud stored recordings can be accessed remotely through a cloud-based version of the standard Revcord user interface. This is the Revcord Interface Portal. RevStream ensures that cloud access of end-customer’s calls is both private and secure.


RevWatch is sent signaling that acts as a heartbeat and a report. There is a dashboard that shows a system summary. RevWatch also receives all of the alerts from RevGuard. Please note that RevWatch can also work on closed networks that have no internet ability.

IQ3 | Recording App

IQ3 is a mobile (Android & iOS) application that allows users to record, collaborate and manage a variety of remote events. IQ3 events can record and share interviews, investigations, and incidents using a connected phone or tablet. Events can be streamed live, recorded with bookmarks and notes, create audio and chat conferences, and automatically upload to the Revcord Multimedia Management Software. Manage all your interviews, meetings, investigations, and incidents in one location. Watch them live or later search on date, time, case ID, duration, interviewer/investigator, interviewee, bookmarks, bookmark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, perform QA evaluations and run reports on any of the search indices. IQ3 is made up of two parts.  A powerful Android/iOS application that creates your IQ3 events and our Multimedia Management Software. It has all the management capabilities of our Logger software and can work with our logger software independently or in conjunction. Revcord is currently looking for marketing partners to take this product to market in the Education, Nursing Home, and Inspection Verticals.

IQ3 MD | Telehealth App

IQ3 MD is positioned to be a global standard of cloud-based medical event management in the pre-hospital field. IQ3 advances medical triage to the next level. For EMS, remote triage, in-flight emergencies, and non-emergent patients; IQ3 provides a solution for the assessment of patients in a collaborative environment. IQ3 offers a simple and effective way for pre-hospital providers to interact with Physicians, Specialists and more to ensure the best patient outcomes possible. Our software features both a management portal to monitor live events on any HTML5 compliant web browser and a mobile application on an Android or IOS device.

It is a simple easy to use robust system. You can stream your events live, record with bookmarks and notes, create audio and chat conferences with multiple parties, and automatically upload to the secure Revcord Cloud Server. You can even geo-tag a specific location for on-scene emergencies.

The features are endless. Live stream patient events or later search on date, time, patient ID, bookmarks, bookmark notes, GPS location, and device ID. In addition, the management software has built in QA evaluations and an advanced reports section for all your events.

From ensuring that stroke patient’s “Door to Needle Time,” is significantly reduced to providing an immediate care solution for critically injured and sick patients in remote locations, the IQ3 software is the most diverse pre-hospital management solution there is. On top of improving patient outcomes, IQ3 can significantly reduce costs of transporting non-emergent patients.


The Revcord Backup Manager Service gives you the ability to backup data to various media types as well as set retention periods on how long you want to keep your data onsite. In addition, Revcord provides a Backup Manager client that can run on a remote system and manage multiple recorders with one graphical user interface. Lastly, it will provide for a centralized backup of all data. This provides for enterprise system management.

Backup Manger