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Revcord’s comprehensive call recording and call monitoring solutions enable customers to address the needs of Next Generation 9-1-1 public safety as well as liability and compliance concerns of call centers while ensuring call quality and maximizing operational efficiency. We provide simple, practical and cost-effective voice logging options for government organizations and small and medium sized businesses that reduce their expenses, provide state-of-the art integrated multimedia recording, mitigate their risk and enhance the user experience.

Voice, video, text and other media can be recorded, searched and replayed. With Call Commenting, ANI/ALI, Dialed Number, Radio ID, Call Tagging, Caller ID, and much more, the Revcord software gives users the ability to easily find a recording with a User interface that rivals all.

• Audio ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
• Triggered Screen Recording by Area
• Screen Masking
• Screen ROD (Start/Stop Recording)
• Triggered Screen Recording by Mask
• Live Streaming

• Free Seating by Windows User
• Full Time Screen Recording
• Call Commenting While on Call
• Free Seating by Revcord User
• Auto Login
• Full Session Recording Based on Duration
• Multi-Screen Recording (Up to Four)

As an example, Revcord’s screen recording enables an agent’s or call taker’s computer screen (e.g. CAD, GIS) to be recorded synchronized with voice and then transfers the file and updates the database on the server. The screen recording capture works in either of two modes on the Revcord voice logger: Client Mode and Server Mode. In the Client Mode, the recording works with a Record on Demand (ROD) trigger. In this mode the user will have the ability to enable or disable screen capture. In the Server Mode, the screen recording works with any recording trigger, however, the Server Stealth Mode overrides the ROD and continuously records the screen. Playback is simple, performed on the search screen allowing voice or voice and screen playback. Multiple screens, often up to 4 per workstation, are normal in some busy agencies. Revcord can record multiple screens in full time or triggered by events. Multiple screen recording is offered at no additional cost.


REVCELL | Call Recording

Revcell is one of the first full-featured, cloud-based mobile call recorders. It is an Android app designed to run on your smartphone and can record your cellphone calls for easy retrieval and sharing. Revcell pairs with its server counterpart the Revcord Multimedia Logger or the Revcord Cloud Server.