What Is The Status Of The i3 Spec?

Revcord engineers have been deeply involved with Next Generation 9-1-1 since 2007 during the feasibility analysis and initial design with the Department of Transportation and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

In 2009, Revcord was among the very first two logging recorder vendors to join in ICE (Industry Collaboration Event) and we fully participated in the first ICE formal tests. Our voice logger was completely tested according to the designated protocol.

Revcord continued to work on the draft i3 specification until its adoption and publication as Version 1.0 of NENA Technical Standard 08-003, Detailed Functional and Interface Specification for the NENA i3 Solution – Stage 3, in June 2011 and thereafter. We have continued to participate in all subsequent ICE events along with being active in a subsequent special committee.

There are no companies that are “certified” for NG9-1-1 call recording. Currently there is not a certification.

There are no final and complete NG9-1-1 i3 specifications. During NENA ICE 8 collaborations which Revcord is a member, it was found that the detail in the i3 document was somewhat lacking in specificity so we formed the separate Revision to NENA Technical Standards Doc# 08-003, Section 5.12 “Recording and Logging Services” committee. With Revcord playing an integral part and a member, that subcommittee has adopted suggested changes to the NENA document that will be considered by the full NENA organization leadership.