Revcord began in 2008 headed by Charles “Trey” Schwarz. 

Our Vision is to achieve widespread adoption in the government and the creation of new channels in the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market by delivering an affordable, innovative, and highly scalable voice-logging solution. Revcord’s comprehensive call recording and call monitoring solutions enable customers to address the needs of Public Safety as well as Liability and Compliance concerns, ensure Call Quality, and maximize Operational Efficiency. 

We provide simple, practical, and cost-effective voice-logging options for government organizations and small and medium-sized businesses that reduce their expenses, provide state-of-the-art integrated multimedia recording, mitigate their risk, and enhance the user experience. 


We envision that our multimedia communication and recording solutions will empower those who need it the most. This includes, but by far is not limited to those engaged in Campus Security, the Military, Space Exploration, Aviation, Public Transportation, Utilities, and Law Enforcement. We also envision that this capability will translate to a society that is safer, more functional, and more accountable due to our seamless communication technology. 


Revcord Technology is currently trusted by more than 1,500 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) in the United States and Canada. We are the fastest growing Multimedia Logging company in the world and continue to take market share fromt he larger players due to our technological capabilities, ease of use, and our hands-on service. While our initial focus has been Public Safety, we have recently generated a significant meaningful presence in many commercial markets. Installations include Brokerage and Trading Firms, Banking and Financial Institutions, and a wide range of general businesses.