Integrate Revcord With Your Software Platform

Revolutionize your operations by integrating with Revcord’s cutting-edge Enterprise Software Platform. As your trusted integration partner, we bring a seamless connection. With completed API protocols, you will have all Revcord software functionality at your fingertips. Revcord is AGILE, with over 60% of our staff dedicated to Engineering and Support. We are equipped to handle any engineering or programming requests quickly and efficiently.

Whether in a Public Safety Answering Point, a Municipality’s Public Works Division, or a Logistics Manufacturing Company, Revcord Premium Software Solutions are readily available to incorporate into your workflow and ERP-type systems.

Key Features and Function Calls


The API facilitates third-party integration for Logger products by enabling requests for call records and playback links. This comprehensive interface empowers partners to access analog, digital, VoIP, and radio call recordings. Third parties can instantly recall call details and post each call’s conclusion. Additionally, the API provides a search page link that vendors can embed into their software, offering extensive search capabilities and playback functionalities, including the ability to save calls, mirroring the features available within the software.

IQ3 Enterprise

With IQ3, an event management application, users can conduct inspections, interrogations, and more. Through API calls, third-party inspection ERP applications seamlessly interface with IQ3, enabling them to execute IQ3 events directly from their ERP and mobile apps. The API supports initiating RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) events, scheduling RVI events, fetching IQ3 event data, and generating inspection reports. For Inspectors and Investigators, IQ3 is an unparalleled solution designed for efficiency and flexibility in the field or virtually using RVI capabilities.

This integration streamlines processes and empowers partners to leverage our products’ full spectrum of functionalities, enhancing their offerings and expanding capabilities within their respective ecosystems.