Can I Record Without An AIS Integration – Revcord

Yes. If you have been told differently, then you have been given incorrect information. Revcord provides a simple and cost effective solution. Revcord gets its audio from either the console(s) and/or by dedicated radios. Revcord gets the radio data (radio and talkgroup ID) from a control channel decoder. Unlike the AIS Server, the Revcord solution does NOT require a network or radio system connection to a statewide system. The AIS server provides a network based solution from a computer and it streams the data and the audio to the recorder very much like a VoIP phone system. The MCC7500 actually provides for excellent options. The Voice Processing Module for the dispatch console has a logging recorder port and eight speaker ports on the back. The speaker ports are provided by Motorola to send audio to other locations in a dispatch center for talk group monitoring purposes. These ports are talk group assignable and provide an analog audio feed of selected and unselected talk groups. In addition, Revcord uses control channel data to gather radio and talkgroup IDs. The control channel is the most standardized and stable aspect of the entire trunking system. Revcord uses commercial readily available equipment to provide the control channel’s raw data. The real concern is for the AIS technology. When you buy an AIS integration, you are locking into an upgrade cycle. Every time Motorola releases a version upgrade or patch, there can be an upgrade to the recording system.