REVCORD works diligently to improve on the most innovative and advanced multimedia logging solution in the market today. REVCORD’s number one goal is to provide the most robust, scalable, and feature-rich call logger in the market. Below are the newest features that have been added to the REVCORD software for release version 12.1


MMS Updates

  1. User-based column settings and compact mode.
  2. Lock and Hide a Playlist With Sharing Rights.
  3. Call tagging.
  4. Overhaul on QA Call Evaluation print format.
  5. Additional Field for User Phone so it populates on IQ3 Reports.
  6. Complete overhaul on IQ3 Report changes.
  7. User can set Custom Logo on IQ3 Reports.
  8. Date/Time control and UI overhaul.
  9. IQ3 Users are able to Login to APP or MMS and choose Tenancy to Login on the MT level and the Standalone Logger Level.
  10. IQ3 reports will show the AR measurement values.
  11. AD Group Sync Feature support.

IQ3 Updates

  1. IQ3 App is now available on iOS.
  2. IQ3 – RVI users can perform browser-based inspections and events.
  3. IQ3 AR measurement for iOS.
  4. Snapshot of the AR measurement screen for picture bookmark.
  5.  IQ3 Events start without streaming by default.
  6.  IQ3 Playlist Sharing Rights.

Integrations and Utilities

  1. Audio Gain Control for AIS
  2. MMS Upgrade Metrics for Dealers

Bug Fixes

  1. Ctimgr start-up lock issue fixed when starting up.
  2. Fixed Mac address contains spaces when configuring.
  3. Multi Call Evaluation: Add calls to Multi call evaluation to any of the default forms, but no questions are reflected from other forms, and the Status of the evaluation is showing closed without any answering the question.
  4. Removal of the restriction to enter negative numbers for evaluation.
  5. On the search page, the IQ3 icon doesn’t disappear.
  6. Simple User Rights issue fixes.
  7. MT – Recover Password tenant-based fixes.
  8. MT Export Events Data: Handling for IQ3 Mode only.
  9. Several UI-related bugs were fixed.
  10. Save call stuck when media file corrupted issue fixes.
  11. Crash issues in IQ3 Android APP targeting Android 12 fixes.
  12. IOS IQ3 has several fixes when the internet disconnects and reconnects.
  13. MT Forgot Password and Lock Account Fix.
  14. MT Playlist Fixes.
  15. MT Share Event Fixes.
  16.  DSF Corruption error.
  17. Ctimgr- time SDK issue and write calls to same file issue in vsrecorder.



Eligible systems must have a

        • Minimum of 8GB RAM
        • Quad-Core Processor
        • Run Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 or Server 2022