REVCORD works diligently to improve on the most innovative and advanced multimedia logging solution in the market today. REVCORD’s number one goal is to provide the most robust, scalable, and feature-rich call logger in the market. Below are the newest features that have been added to the REVCORD software for release version 12.3


IQ3 Enterprise v12.3 Updates

  • 2FA Authentication
  • Multiple Events Combined into One Report – iOS
  • Notes History – iOS and Android
  • Multiple Active Events – iOS
  • Graphic Markers – iOS
  • Choose the Location of Attachments on Reports
  • Screenshot of Video Playback
  • Clone and Edit Templates
  • Create Photo-only Events

Integrations and Utilities

  • TAIT Radio Integration
  • Radio Pro Integration

MMS v12.3 Bug Fixes

  • Share Event: Added Multiple Accessors with the Same Email Address
  • Report:
    1. Fixed Exporting Standard Reports
    2. Fixed Linkage Between Markers and Sections on Standard PDF Reports
    3. RVI Event: PDF Report Inspection Field Fixes
    4. Template Description Fixes
  • Multiple Section Markers: Functionality Fixes
  • Playlists: Fixed Watermark Validation Issue
  • Templates: “Save All” Enhancement Fixes.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks Added during MMS Playback Fix
  • Utilities: Table of Contents Fixes  

IQ3 App v12.3 Bug Fixes

  • iPhone XR Bookmark Dropdown Fix
  • IP Cam Fix
  • Local Mode Alert Fix
  • Unprocessed Events Crash Fix
  • iPhone XR Recording Button Fix
  • Streaming Size Change Fixes
  • IQ3 Event Invite Fixes



Eligible systems must have a

        • Minimum of 8GB RAM
        • Quad-Core Processor
        • Run Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 or above