What is an AIS Integration?

An AIS integration is not some mysterious magical solution to recording your Motorola Trunked radio traffic. In fact it is quite simple. Motorola provides a direct network connection via a computer server that sends two things to the Revcord recorder: audio traffic and meta data control channel data traffic).

Revcord has software that will receive this traffic and synchronize it.

The fact of the matter is that there are other ways to receive this audio traffic and this control channel data traffic. Revcord can get audio in many different ways from radios, to consoles, to repeaters, and other methods. The control channel data is received over the air through a control channel receiver. Revcord uses control channel data to gather radio, talkgroup IDs, radio aliases, and other trunking data. The control channel is the most standardized and stable aspect of the entire trunking system.

The software that Revcord deploys is the same for its AIS solution as it is for its Over The Air solution.

In fact in most cases, it is much more cost effective to use an Over the Air solution.

Below are some advantages:
  • Zero license fees to Motorola and no expensive Motorola AIS server.
  • Supports P25 (any vendor) phase 1 and phase 2 (Talkgroup Recording Only).
  • Also supports Motorola 3600 baud trunking systems.
  • Supports any configuration of trunking, system including standalone sites, cores, SmartZone and simulcast
  • Supports secure (encrypted) talkgroups.
  • Supports the recording of private calls.
  • Records every talkgroup call for every talkgroup using the trunking site. New talkgroups added to the trunking site are automatically recorded at no additional cost.
  • Guaranteed to record all calls for monitored talkgroups. Recorder records EXACTLY what radio users hear. Single site and multi-site implementations.
  • Provides local control of the recordings since all equipment is owned by you and is in your building which means no dependency or connections to outside agencies and no fees/ hassles.
  • No networking bandwidth, leased line charges or agency coordination issues.If you are looking at new recording system know there are options!