Houston-based Revcord has been awarded the prestigious Harris certification as a trusted Logging Recorder vendor.

(HOUSTON, TX, January 26, 2018) – Revcord has announced that it has been designated as a Harris ISO-compliant vendor for its Logging Recorders, which are widely used to record Project 25 systems. Harris is one of largest radio manufactures in the United States and Revcord is one of the few Logging Recorder vendors to receive this certification. Public safety radios have been upgraded from analog FM to digital since the 1990s because of an increased use of data on radio systems for such features as GPS location, trunking, text messaging, metering, and encryption. The fact that Houston-based Revcord is a certified vendor for the Harris Logging Recorder is good news for the public safety sector. Logging Recorders are one of Harris’s mission-critical communication solutions designed for industry, federal, state and local government agencies. With Revcord as a vendor partner, first responders and communications professionals across the nation have a trusted vendor they can count on as they connect, inform and protect in the public safety, federal, utility, commercial and transportation sectors. According to spokesperson Mike Hanner, ‘Revcord has the enviable ability to not only anticipate, identify and fill gaps in today’s mobile multimedia emergency communication capabilities, but to also meet strict industry standards with its services and solutions.’ To see how Revcord can help in the public safety industry, click here. For more information on our logging software, check out this link.