IQ3 Inspection Software

The Revcord IQ3 Enterprise Solution is a Multimedia Logging Platform that works as a stand-alone reporting system and can easily integrate with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. IQ3 is a highly configurable end-user tool that incorporates, organizes, and compiles all workflow processes into one report, including checklists, pictures, videos, and related supplementary documents.  

IQ3 offers locally recorded video inspections, investigations, and interviews utilizing an Android or iOS mobile application. IQ3 can also virtualize the Inspector, conducting a Remote Video Inspection or RVI, capturing video from the end-user’s mobile device securely and without needing to install a mobile application. Most recently, IQ3 has gained the ability to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) Measurement Tools, creating a whole new avenue for our customers to more efficiently put IQ3 to use in their processes. 

IQ3 provides multi-tenant collaboration tools for local or remotely recorded events. 

Completed reports are organized and stored in a secure repository, ensuring proper Chain of Custody protocols are followed. All filed reports are easily accessible to authorized users and can be exported to the ERP for review, billing, and other back-office functions.  

Our IQ3 Enterprise Software Can Help Any Industry

Onsite Inspection Tool for Municipalities, Code Enforcement and Compliance
Investigation Tool for Police and Fire Departments
Insurance Applications Including Disaster Assessment, Property Damage and Loss Inspections
Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Supply Chain or Manufacturer Compliance or Protocol Management Services
A Human Resources Tool for Entrance and Exit Interviews, also Serving as a Sensitive Issue Witness
Asset Management Tool
Asset or Fleet Management Tool
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The IQ3 team is able to support virtually any industry that handles, Inspections, Interviews, Investigations, Assessments or Compliance Audits.

Revcord IQ3 Enterprise Saves Time & Money

In a study conducted by the City of Houston, it was calculated that IQ3 increases Field Inspector efficiency by 3-4 hours per Inspector Day (based on 10 inspections per day with automating “Violation Reports”)

IQ3 testing by the City of Houston determined that Revcord can save them 37% Annually based on 2.3 million population & 900,000 forecasted inspections

Revcord IQ3 Enterprise Software Guarantee

IQ3 Enterprise will guarantee you a 300% return on the money invested in the software. If we fail to meet that guarantee, we will refund the money invested in installation and software fees.

Revcord IQ3 Enterprise Saves Time & Money

IQ3 Solutions

IQ3 facilitates and automates Compliance and Violation Reports and Inspections. 

IQ3 allows you to conduct Onshore and Offshore Oilfield Equipment Inspections and Supply Chain related protocol or compliance.

IQ3 can facilitate off-site interviews, as well as decrease note-taking errors.