Support, Maintenance, Plus Logger Monitoring

The RevShield Software Assurance Program provides the customer with a software warranty and technical support for their Revcord Logger. The main objective of RevShield Software Assurance is to ensure that the processes, procedures, and products used to produce and sustain the software conform to all requirements and standards specified. Software Assurance provides Customer Support, Patches, and Upgrades. Without RevShield, there is an hourly charge for support. 

RevShield Support Maintenance (Annual Subscription)

RSPLUS:  This package provides for Support, Upgrades, and Patches. In addition, for those that allow proper Port Access, Revcord will monitor the system through RevShield Alerts. All systems at the time of purchase include 1 year of this Software Assurance Package. 

RSPLUSONSITE:  In addition to RSPLUS, this package will provide for onsite service for Level 1 – Critical Business Impact events as defined in Section 17 of the Service Level Agreement*.

RSPLUSLOAN:  In addition to RSPLUS, this package will provide for an onsite standby Logger on loan from Revcord that is fully configured and ready in case of equipment failure. 

*see RevShield SLA for terms of onsite service. 
RSPLUS Includes
  • 24/7 Support
  • System Monitoring All Day, Every Day
  • All Upgrades INCLUDED
  • Remote Training for Key Individuals
  • ALL Revcord Features Included

Business Critical Loaner Program

Mission Critical Onsite BackUp Call Logger

For Revcord, “Mission Critical” is more than just the name of our servers. It is a significant part of our Company Philosophy. Our support infrastructure is designed and continually evaluated to provide the best possible service and maintain the highest level of server uptimes.

Lessons learned from recent support incidents, most notable the Ransomware Attack on the Arkansas County 9-1-1 PSAP, have led us to evaluate and improve our flagship RevShield Software Assurance and Support Program. 

The RevShield Software Assurance and Support Program receives a significant addition in the form of an available Onsite Standby Logger on loan from Revcord that is fully configured and ready in cases such as natural disaster or ransomware attack that leads to equipment failure. We’ve made the Loaner Program and affordable option for Mission Critical PSAP call centers.