Our Sunset Policy ensures you always have access to the newest technology when you are investing in Revcord Solutions. As Revcord continues to innovate and introduce new product solution, older products that have reached the end of product lifecycle will no longer be abailable for sale. In addition, only the most recent version of software is available for sale. Current software can be upgraded or patched but new sales are for current versioned software only. 

Revcord will provide customer support services including Phone Support, Email Support, and Repairs up to three years including software patches. Between three and five years Revcord will continue additional Customer Support Services including Phone Support, Email Support, and Hot Fixes but Patches will not be available. These products will require full version software upgrades. At the end of five years, products reach their end of life. Revcord will continue to provide minimal technical support for an additional two years after the End of Life but cannot gaurantee any solutions or feature sets will be available. 

Revcord will discontinue products and product support according to the End of Life Product Schedule listed below.