Software Solutions



Revcord’s RevConfig Installation Manager simplifies your installation by providing a web-based installation manager that will guide you through the install process of your call recorder. 

AIS Failover


Revcord’s Archive Interface Server (AIS) Failover, is a configuration that allows the Backup recorder to automatically download all configurations from the Primary recorder once the Primary recorder is inaccessible, down, or any other network failure. 


Virtualizing the 9-1-1 Experience. RevView allows Emergency Calls to access Real-Time Video and Chat. RevView is a lightweight video streaming application that is built into your Revcord Logger’s Management console and optimized for low CPU and Bandwidth usage. 



RevAgent is a software program that runs in the system tray of your workstation, it gives command and control of screen recording and free seating. 


The Enterprise Capabilities can tie anywhere from 2 to 100’s of Recorders together to create a single virtual view, and you are able to manage all recorders from a single IP Address through the Revcord MMS.  The Enterprise View has two management applications that can manage all loggers via the Revcord MMS with a Single Logon.  All of our Software Solutions have been developed with our Customers and their needs in mind.  We offer Multimedia Logging solutions for Businesses Big and Small, City and State agencies, and Mission-Critical organizations.

Software Solutions

Revcord has developed a suite of Cloud-Based Software Solutions with security and efficiency as its primary focus.

The Cloud-Based Software Solutions Revcord employs to reduce the need for on-site contact, retrieval of back-ups, technicians, and management oversight. 

Revcord Utilizes a cloud-based infrastructure with a Tier-4 Data Center, with off-site data backup housed at two other locations for quick recovery of data in case of a disaster.  

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