Mission-Critical Applications

RevSwitch is a Configuration-Switching Service available for Mission-Critical Call Logging Environments requiring redundancy and failover protocols. RevSwitch requires a dual redundant logger configuration and works automatically once configured, such that whenever recording-related changes are made in the configuration of the Primary Logger, they will be automatically synced to the Secondary Logger. 

How RevSwitch Works

RevSwitch requires dual redundant loggers. RevSwitch is then configured on both the Primary and Secondary Loggers. Access to MMS and SQL Servers from Primary to Secondary and vice-versa must be allowed. 

  • Both Loggers must operate Revcord MMS Software v12.0.1 or subsequent versions
  • Both Loggers must be registered with RevWatch
  • RevSync Cloud-Based Logger Service is Required
When the Primary Logger goes down for any reason, the Secondary Logger starts syncing calls to RevSync and Integrations AIS and Harris will be started on the Secondary Logger if configured. 

RevSwitch for
Configuration Changes and Updates Management

RevSwitch automatically updates when configurations are updated on the Primary or Secondary Logger a few examples are below. 

  • When RevConfig is opened and the Finish Button is pressed, the Secondary Logger will sync down the Users, Channels, Registry, and ShCti configurations and will Restart Recording Services. 
  • When any change in AIS Client configuration is saved via AIS Display Program
  • When any change in Harris configuration is saved via Harris Display Program
  • When Revcord MMS or Windows Updates require a restart