Revcord relies on Control Data, either through a tower and a Control Channel Receiver, or through an ATIA data feed for when multiple sites are involved. Revcord is dependent on having analog channel audio feeds. With the advent of the VPM interface of the MCC7500, this cost has come way down compared to buying a radio resource for each analog channel. This is by far the most economical solution in the marketplace today.

Advantages Of The Revcord Trunked Radio ID Recording Solution

  • Avoid the purchase the AIS hardware or other wire line hardware, a separate computer in addition to the logger.

  • Avoid the costly Motorola imposed AIS license fee or other manufacturer connection fees.

  • Avoid the high yearly maintenance costs charged by Motorola, other trunked radio manufacturers, and the logger competition.

  • Avoid the hassle of coordinating with outside agencies.

  • Avoid the constant upgrade cycle.

  • No networking bandwidth, leased line charges or agency coordination issues.

  • Gain a simple to understand solution that doesn’t need a high priced technician to maintain.

  • Gain integration between your radio loggings, your 911 phone loggings and your admin phone line loggings. One logger does it all.

  • Supports P25 (any vendor) phase 1 and phase 2 (Talkgroup Logging Only). Also supports Motorola 3600 baud trunking systems.

  • Supports any configuration of trunking, system including standalone sites, cores, SmartZone and simulcast.

  • Supports secure (encrypted) talkgroups.

  • Supports the logging of private calls.

  • Logs every talkgroup call for every talkgroup using the trunking site. New talkgroups added to the trunking site are automatically logged at no additional cost.

  • Guaranteed to log all calls for monitored talkgroups. Logger logs EXACTLY what radio users hear. Single site and multi-site implementations.

  • Provides local control of the loggings since all equipment is owned by you. No dependency or connections to outside agencies and no fees/ hassles.

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Revcord has partnered with Inquire to provide the ability and convenience of creating detailed evidential records in the field. Inquire allows on-the-spot, real-time communication, documentation, collaboration, and evaluation, resulting in a seamless workflow and increased productivity.

Inquire IQ3 is a multimedia recording and streaming management system designed to facilitate investigations, interviews, evidence recording and storage, and much more.

Inquire MD enables first responders to live stream, record, create bookmarks and notes, bring in doctors and specialists for conferences, and even geotag events.

Inquire’s cloud-based, multimedia management system uses an Android or IOS application and is revolutionizing mission critical event management.


Revcord is revolutionizing emergency communication in our mobile society. Request a quick demo today.


Any device, anywhere.

NENA’s goal for NG9-1-1 is to enable the general public to make a 911 call from any device and allow emergency services to take advantage of internet working technologies based on open standards.

All Revcord systems integrate seamlessly with NENA’s NG9-1-1. We also offer training seminars on various aspects of NG9-1-1 and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). As long as you have one of our maintenance plans in place, NG9-1-1 will cost you nothing extra.

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