Microsoft Teams Recording

Revcord introduces the Microsoft Teams Call Recording Integration for your Revcord Call Recording Platform. Developed by Revcord to seamlessly integrate audio calls from the Teams Platform into the Multimedia Management Software (MMS) from Revcord

Features and Benefits


Revcord’s Microsoft Teams Recording Integration is designed with multiple levels of security:

  • The Microsoft Teams Administrator manages all policies and permissions without direct access from Revcord. 
  • API Communications between Microsoft Teams Server and Revcord Teams Recording Server pass through an encrypted https secure socket layer.
  • Data transfers between The Revcord Teams Recording Server, The Revcord Multi-Tenant Cloud Server (MT), and synchronization to the local logger are optionally encrypted and in our proprietary format to meet CJIS Data in Transit Security Definitions.


Customer Must have an Enterprise License: Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5, F3, A1, A3, A5, M365 Business, Business Premium, or Business Essentials.

Teams Admin Account: Need to allow permissions to Revcord Recording Bot and apply recording policies to their users.

RevSync Cloud-based Access and Backup Service is required for synchronization from the cloud to the local logger